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Swim the M4

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Have you ever thought about swimming the distance of some of the UK’s busiest motorways?

The answer is probably not, but for those looking to test themselves, you can now sign up to Wiltshire Council’s swimming challenge for 2019 – the motorway network challenge.

 Open to everyone, this year’s challenge is to swim the distance of a UK motorway throughout the course of the year. There are four different routes ranging from a leisurely trip to the next town over to a long-haul journey from Coventry to Exeter.

Entry level – the M32: 7km, a total of 280 lengths 

Intermediate – the M25: 188km, a total of 7,520 lengths 

Ultra – the M4: 304km, a total of 12,160 lengths 

Ultimate – the M5 / M6 combined: 635km, a total of 25,400 lengths 

It’s free to sign up – simply start swimming, record your lengths at reception each time you swim and follow your progress on the monthly bulletins posted in each centre.

 Wiltshire Council said, “Last year, our 215-mile swim challenge to #SwimTheThames was a big success, with hundreds of people taking part and many using the opportunity to raise money for charity.

“Linda, a swimmer at Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre, completed the challenge a phenomenal four times, swimming over 50,000 lengths in the process.”

For more information and to get involved with this year’s motorway network challenge, visit www.wiltshire.gov.uk/leisure-swim-challenge. 

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