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Let’s make time for mental health

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How are people with mental health issues dealt with in Wiltshire?

What is the Government’s policy? – How can you get involved and/or find information about different aspects of mental health? – Should mental health matter as much as physical health?

The WI invite the local community to a meeting at Steeple Ashton Village Hall on Saturday 23rd February, from 2pm-4pm.

Andrew Murrison, MP, will address this topical issue.

The WI reports, “We have invited organisations at the centre of assisting with mental health to be present.

“The afternoon will take the form of a discussion about what is available in Wiltshire to care for people with mental health issues and what practical steps can be taken by us all to support current agencies.

A £5 entrance fee will  cover costs, with any remaining distributed amongst the organisations that are at the forefront of providing care in this sector.

For more information and to book your attendance, please contact: Anne (Edington & Tinhead WI).

Tel: 07905748359 or email annetott@homeopath -reiki.co.uk

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