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Council to commission new aerial photograph of the town

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WESTBURY Town Council is keen to show the growth of Westbury by updating their aerial photograph of the town.

It was suggested by cllr Ian Cunningham that Westbury Town Council should commission an aerial photograph of the town to compare with the one they have from 1991.

He said, “It would be very interesting to produce the “same” view to show how much has changed. In the past, we would have relied on either a commissioned flight or a chance offer from one of the firms that took photos or areas and then offered them for sale. With modern drone technology, prices are far lower.

“This would be for interest and comparison with earlier photos and to highlight the changes. The photos would be an “attraction” for the Laverton if the old and new pictures were placed side by side and in public. 

“Also, such a picture would be very useful for the neighbourhood planning teams.”

Cllr Sally Hendry, who is also chair of the Heritage Society, added that she has purchased copies of aerial photos of Westbury from as early as 1920 and also has some from the 60s to make an interesting gallery to be enjoyed by the town. 

The council will now seek quotes from local drone-operating businesses.

Above: Westbury from above in c1930.

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