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Westbury Town Council needs you!

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In a recent survey conducted by Westbury Town Council, residents told the council they like living in Westbury as it has a fantastic community spirit but the town needs tidying up! 

Westbury Town Council is responding to this but say, “We need your help! The town council, with support from the community, would like to take on a small project to start with and who knows where it might end. This is a feel-good project that will be visible to the whole town. The Rotunda opposite the library on Edward Street is owned by Wiltshire Council, but the town council has been providing some additional planting in recent years. But it could look so much more attractive.

 “Following on from the success of the White Horse cleaning project during the summer, we are keen to promote the improvement of the Rotunda as a community project and have recently agreed a sum of money for purchasing low maintenance plants.  It is hoped that this project will commence during spring 2019.

 “Are you willing to volunteer?  Would you like to have a garden to maintain? Are you a member of a gardening group, society or group who would like to be involved?

“The town council will co-ordinate the project and supply tools and suitable, low maintenance plants. All we need is YOU!

 “Westbury Town Council keeps a list of volunteers; if you are interested in helping to make the Rotunda into a community-maintained project or indeed volunteering for any of our other future projects, please contact the town council by email info@westburytowncouncil .gov.uk or by telephone on 01373 822232.”

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  1. Dan Gmaj

    January 12, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    Design, coordination and implementation of such a project would be best served by #CommunityOwnership fully supported by WTC. Groups such as Friends of the Victoria Gardens would be a great place to get a conversation rolling on this particular project, but looking ahead, fantastic community groups already exist to make a marked improvement for all in Westbury. WTC might concider a possible priority to offer assistance by way of a multi group fourm hosted every two months at the Laverton for example. This would be a great way to ascertain priorities, responsibilities, strategy and have a lot of #Fun along the way. Community engagement and cohesiveness will grow too as a result. 😀 xo Honesty with Love <3

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