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Town council object to gasification appeal

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WESTBURY Town Council say that the appeal launched by Northacre Renewable Energy will become ‘obsolete’ as attitudes to waste continue to change. 

During the highways, planning and development meeting last month, the town council agreed that their previous objections to the plan for a gasification plant still stand, alongside added concerns.  

To their original objections, they added their concerns about the air quality, in the area,  which goes against Wiltshire Council’s Core Policy 55. 

Further, they added a signpost to a  recent government report that stated there is an overcapacity for such plants in England and Wales, emphasising the lack of need for such plant in the town. 

Cllr Gordon King also emphasised the importance that the inspector holds a public inquiry, which the town council can attend and provide evidence.

During the meeting cllr Ian Cunningham said, “Most of our original objections from this application still stand. 

“My arguments are against the level of carbon dioxide output from this plant, which have only increased since last summer. 

“Whatever you think of the cleanliness of the plant, we are still concerned about the small particles and the huge amount of carbon dioxide it will produce by burning waste in a single-use environment, which sits at the bottom of the hierarchy for waste usage.”

Cllr Jane Russ added, “The journey of single use-plastics is moving so fast that by the time the thing will be built, I have a feeling it will be obsolete. In fact, I think it will be obsolete before then.” 

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