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Over 500 objections for waste treatment plant

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 10:54 am.

OVER 500 comments were submitted online in response to Hills Waste Ltd’s new application for a waste treatment plant in the town.

Northacre Renewable Energy, part of Hills Waste,  have resubmitted new plans for an advanced thermal treatment plant, claiming a ‘new and improved’ application with ‘significant benefits compared to existing plans’. However, campaign group ‘Westbury Gasification Action Group’, known as WGAG, called for community action, encouraging people to submit their objections online. 

The application for the plant, which was refused by Wiltshire Council in July on grounds of size,  received 376 comments. Campaigners are hoping for more objections from members of the public to the renewed application. 

A notable objection came from Green Party member of European Parliament for the South West, Molly Scott Cato who wrote, “From my understanding of this new application, little has changed beyond the height of the buildings, so my reasons for objection remain unchanged. 

“The council needs to make the bold decision of turning this application down and signal the need to move to a circular economy that produces far less waste that needs this kind of treatment. The plans for this Advanced Thermal Treatment Facility demonstrate an outdated view of tackling waste that will not move us to the circular economy or clean air that citizens deserve now and in the future.”

The majority of the comments against the plans included; Concern of the impact on highways caused by the planned additional HGVs travelling through the area; Potential risks to air quality and public health; Potential nuisances from the site operation; and Negative visual impact of the plant. 

Westbury resident, Valerie Madgett wrote, “This incinerator would place an unfair burden on the people of Westbury, for damage to their health and wellbeing by the additional noise, traffic vibrations, dust and flies. 

“We seem to be allocated all the projects which no other town wants, whilst enduring the removal of any worthwhile facilities given to those other towns.”

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