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This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 10:30 am.

RETIREMENT can bring the opportunity of trying new hobbies and interests and Westbury’s Active Retirement Club is keen to promote new opportunities to members.

Kay Millard of the club says,  “Of all the things I might have imagined doing during my retirement, belly dancing was not even on the list, yet Waafa Powell, the guest speaker at the latest meeting of the Active Retirement Club (ARC), had most of us up and dancing. 

“After an introduction to the history and art of belly dancing, which emphasised the tradition of Arabic women pursuing the practice for bodily health among themselves, rather than an erotic display intended for a male audience, Waafa encouraged anyone who could, to learn some basic moves. Although I could not possibly compete with her grace and expertise, my titanium hips worked surprisingly well! 

 Waafa is the Libyan wife of an Englishman, and her journey to Trowbridge via South Africa was an interesting story in itself. She offers a variety of Libyan cultural experiences in her repertoire, including Libyan cuisine, but the image that remains in my mind is accompanying a supermarket shop with belly dancing moves. Think about it!

 “The next ARC meeting will be the Christmas Lunch on 11th December at the White Horse Park club house. Thereafter, because of the difficulties of finding a theme and venue on 25th December, there will be a break until 8th January, when members will speak on the theme “What’s My Line” at the URC Hall.


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