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Update on litter and dog waste bins

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Westbury Town Council has been made aware of several damaged or missing litter/dog waste bins in Westbury and have agreed to replace them.

Wiltshire Council no longer replaces damaged or missing litter/dog waste bins.  Town and parish councils are invited to purchase replacement bins and Wiltshire Council will continue to empty the bins.

New bins have been purchased and will soon be installed in the following locations: Grassacres Park, Suffolk Road and Frogmore Lake.

New bins are being ordered for the following locations: Meadow Lane and Redland Lane.

All these bins will be suitable for litter/dog waste and Wiltshire Council will empty them.

The town council said, “We are committed to improve the local community and always welcome your comments.  You can get in touch by phone 01373 822232, email info@west burytowncouncil.gov.uk, pop into the office at The Laverton or message us on Facebook.”