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Three locals triumph at body building competition

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Three Westbury locals  entered the Natural Physique Association’s South West Show, held in The Brew House Theatre in Taunton on 29th September, all coming away with trophies. 

Glynn Bell came first in the over 50s category, and now has a ticket to the British finals to be held in Manchester on Saturday 27th October. 

Laura Wheeler came second in her first ever show and Alison Moreland chose not to enter the over 50s category, but to do ladies’ physique, bringing home not only a third trophy but an award for best transformation.

Glynn Bell is the owner and personal trainer at Dynamikbodyz gym. After 22 years in the forces with fitness being his priority, he decided to tick body building off his bucket list and to start in the over 50 category. He began in 2017 by entering two federations of natural bodybuilding; the BNBF, which is 7 years drug free  and the NPA which is lifetime drug free. 

Alison Moreland, an NHS physiotherapist,  came to Glynn last year as she wanted to lose weight. Halfway into her weight-loss journey, she decided  she would also like to enter body building competitions. Despite struggling with hypothyroidism, half-way through training Alison also had surgery to her hand due to arthritis, so for 16 weeks she could only train her legs. 

Laura Wheeler has enjoyed working out for the last few years, and she now works at the gym part-time after her daughter started school. She now wants to pursue a career in personal training. Last week she nervously entered her first show and came second. 

Right: Laura Wheeler, Glynn Bell and Alison Moreland.

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