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Singles group continues to grow

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A NIGHT for singles, not a singles night – a group available in Westbury for people to meet, is continuing to grow in popularity with new members welcome to join. 

The group, set up by Jacqui Pringle after her 30-year marriage ended, leaving her with no social life, welcomes single people to come along and meet other single people in a relaxed setting. 

The group meet every other Tuesday at The Railway Inn and also travel to other pubs and venues for live music events. 

Jacqui said, “Having started the group nearly a year ago it has grown to a lovely group of regulars, but we can always have new members.  We have just two criteria;  you are over 40 and  you’re single! 

“The club is free to join and no ongoing subscription fees, you just pay for your drinks. We can support each other and we all have a wide variety of knowledge from beef farming, bee keeping, book keeping, crafts of all kinds and birthing partners. 

“We are a happy group who are normally the last in the pub to leave and have been known to be laughing so loud the regulars had to turn the TV up!

“We enjoy each other’s company and can also be a support network, for many of us it can be the only social event of the week.  

“We have also connected with the Chippenham & District social singles, they have a more established group which is committee-run. They produce a monthly list of live music events, pub quizzes and shows in and around pubs and clubs in our area and my group regularly join them, everything from Abbamania and Indecision to Straight Shooter and Hells Bells! So there is an opportunity to mix with not only the club members, but everyone else at the venues and who knows ‘The One!’ might be waiting!

“I am happy to meet anyone who is a bit nervous in the car park beforehand. If you feel you could join us or want more info contact me at jacquipringle@     hotmail.com”

The next meeting is at The Railway Inn, Westbury on Tuesday 16th October from 7pm. 

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