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Westbury Town Council’s highways, planning & development committee (HP&D) meet on the third Monday of each month, to consider all planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council for the town. The committee also considers other matters relating to licensing, highways and planning.

Wiltshire Council, the local planning authority, grant or deny final permission, however Westbury Town Council is a statutory consultee for planning in Westbury, meaning they must be consulted on applications within the area.  Members of the public can also comment on planning applications.

Wiltshire Council notify Westbury Town Council of any new planning applications and once notified, they are required to respond within ideally 21 days, however this can sometimes vary.

Wiltshire Council may also notify neighbours by letter (where they consider it necessary), however this is not compulsory and they do not do this on every application, only for those applications where Wiltshire Council consider that it is important because of its possible impact of the proposal.  Site notices are always displayed on nearby lamp posts and/or buildings as soon as realistically possible.

The town council said, “Councillors who are on the HP&D committee are concerned that residents of Westbury may not have been notified by some recent planning applications which may impact them and working with the White Horse News, Westbury Town Council where possible will be providing information on all planning applications going forwards.

“At the time of print, the planning applications for Westbury are as detailed here. Please always check the Wiltshire Council website planning portal http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning-applications-search for the most recent applications.”

The next HP&D meeting will be Monday 15th October, 7pm at The Laverton.


The Garden House 26 Edward Street Westbury Wiltshire BA13 3BD

Sycamore tree – prune back by 2m-3m and reduce height by 2m-3m

 Consultation expiry date 17.10.18


Nos 2 To 16 Haynes Road Westbury BA13 3HA

Construction of 14 no. 1-bedroom dwellings, landscaping and associated works 

Consultation expiry date 19.10.18


31 White Horse Way Westbury Wiltshire BA13 3AH

Replacement porch

Consultation expiry date 29.10.18


9-10 Westbury Mall Edward Street Westbury Wiltshire BA13 3DR

Change of use to a luxury cake design studio

Consultation expiry date 30.10.18.


20 Edward Street Westbury BA13 3BD

Removal of stud partitions and doors and new build stud work to form kitchenette and toilet. Re-lining of existing walls on first floor level using plasterboard and dabs

Consultation expiry date: 09.11.18

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