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Lib Dems warn of Wiltshire Council’s Budget “Black Hole”

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Wiltshire Lib Dems are warning that Wiltshire Council is heading for a financial crisis.

The warning comes as papers published at the council’s cabinet meeting show less than 60% of these savings are being delivered (£15.6million out of a desired £26.7million). Over £7million of these proposed savings are now “unlikely to be delivered”. A further £3million can only be delivered “with risks”.

Liberal Democrats’ leader of the opposition on Wiltshire Council, cllr Ian Thorn said, “We challenged the Conservative leadership on their cutting £26million from this year’s council budget. They said they were “95%” certain they could do it, even though it is the largest budget cut the council has ever made. Now, they are admitting to a current budget “black hole” for this year of £5.6million.

 “Wiltshire now gets no Government grant. Nationally, the Conservatives are hitting councils hard and now we are seeing that impact in Wiltshire. With low cash reserves, there is a real danger that council services will be hit even harder.”

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