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‘Redefining Westbury’ Town council announces vision for the future

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WESTBURY Town Council has unveiled its vision for the future of the town and its priorities over the next four years, to help take the town forward.

The council says that in recent times, Westbury has ‘lost some of its identity’ and that the town strategy for 2018-2022 will support the council in ‘redefining’ the town.

Some of the priorities for the council listed in the strategy include; building a single engaged and empowered Westbury community; protecting and enhancing the town’s environment for the enjoyment of all; building on the town’s heritage; making Westbury a natural home for families; sustaining, developing and promoting the town’s economy and employment.

Examples as to how the council will work towards achieving these goals include; lobbying for a bypass for the town to eliminate major traffic on the A350; an audit of the council’s impact on the environment; addressing the identified deficit of green sports pitches; maintaining successful town events and festivals, introducing historical-themed markets; encouraging a vibrant town centre, developing the town’s economy; developing a Neighbourhood Plan; and lobbying for a mix of housing to meet the whole-life needs of the community, particularly affordable housing for the young and accommodation to allow others to downsize.

Speaking to White Horse News, mayor, cllr Ian Cunningham said, “It’s important that the town council sets out broad objectives and is not just reacting to what happens. 

“It’s important that the town knows what we are trying to achieve. I’m keen on the idea of engaging people in the community. As the town continues to grow, we are in danger of becoming a dormitory town, where people get up, go to work, unaware of what’s going on in Westbury and not knowing their neighbours. This is important to me.”

The strategy highlights that with limited resources and power, the town council will partner and support all organisations and projects that share its vision and aims to achieve its goals. I’m keen that Westbury does more for itself,” said cllr Cunningham, “because there is less coming from central government and the unitary authority.

“We are trying to get more people and groups involved, standing up for the town, so that when opportunities arise, Westbury is at the front of the queue asking for more. 

“I hope as services are delegated to us from Wiltshire Council, that the town council are able to find clever ways to improve the quality of that service – even if we don’t have the funding to do so.” 

The town council strategy 2018-2022 can be read in full on the council’s website: www. westburytowncouncil.gov.uk

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