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Sheena’s weight loss challenge for Fairfield Farm College

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FAIRFIELD Farm College foundation tutor, Sheena Moncrieff, has pledged to lose 2 stone by Christmas to support her students at the college in Dilton Marsh.  

Sheena explained, “What better incentive than to support the college?

“At one point in my life I reached 17 1/2 stone.  Personal circumstances made me drop two stone initially and I worked to get the rest off.  My ultimate comfortable weight is 11 stone and as you can see, the weigh is creeping back on.  

“I need inspiration and what more inspiration is there than assisting my amazing students in achieving their funding for an indoor horse arena.  I see the therapeutic benefit that the new indoor horse arena will have, and the students can access this resource all year round.  

“I am lucky to be surrounded by supportive colleagues.  I aim to work at this with sensible eating until Christmas.  

“So please support me, sponsor me £1 for 1lb on my journey or simply donate what you feel you can.”

To sponsor Sheena visit www.justgiving.com/ fundraising/fairfield-farm-trust4 or contact Debbie Hughes on 07974 050 984 or debbie.hughes@ffc.ac.uk charity fundraising manager.

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