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Long-term plan to keep the White Horse clean

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A LONG-term plan for future cleaning of the White Horse is being proposed, with the town council joining forces with Westbury Rotary Club, in agreement with English Heritage.

Back in June, the town council agreed that a short-term clean of the historic landmark should take place, which was backed up by comments from local people and businesses. 

With thanks to volunteers, cleaning of the town’s iconic White Horse went ahead, led by town caretaker Andrew Thomas. The total cost of cleaning was £1,500, despite an allocated budget of £4,000, the cost being kept low thanks to the generosity of the volunteer cleaners involved and the donation of equipment from local businesses. 

Volunteers spent approximately 32 hours, with another 60 hours spent by Rotary club volunteers patroling the area for safety. 

However, following the clean-up, Westbury Town Council realised that a long-term plan is needed to maintain the White Horse’s current condition. 

a task group with the Rotary Club is now being discussed, in agreement with English Heritage, and volunteers in the town.

English Heritage will be responsible for arranging on-going funding, and they will work with the local community and businesses to gain sponsorship to fund the work, so that the cost does not fall on the town council. 

If you are interested in volunteering to maintain the condition of the White Horse contact the council on info@westburytown council.gov.uk.

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