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Auto repair centre celebrates five years of success with new expansion

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FROM a single toolbox to servicing, restoring and maintaining million-pound cars, TT Workshops celebrate their 5th anniversary by opening their new state-of-the-art workshop, servicing cars of all makes and ages under the trade name of TT Auto Repair Centre.

TT Workshops was first launched in 1973 with the brand being restored in 2013 by husband and wife duo, Jason and Nicola Barnes, with a tool box and single trolley jack. Five years later, they have grown to a team of six, working on million pound classic cars such as the BMW 327, BMW 328 and a very rare BMW 507.  The team at TT Workshops on West Wilts Trading Estate are also commissioned to fly worldwide, to share their classic car knowledge. 

Nicola Barnes said, “We walked into the workshop  and were ready to work hard to build up the business from scratch. We spent lots of evenings past midnight networking and setting up our websites, we spent nearly all of our savings making this leap, but the clients soon came in from the UK and globally. From there, the business grew and kept growing!”

Before starting his own business, Jason’s background was working for main dealerships, progressing through to commercial aviation, including working on jumbo jet engines and being able to fix a Boeing 747! Nicky was previously a project manager and together, the couple have been driven to succeed. TT Workshops has flourished in the last five years, responding to requests from satisfied customers to service modern-day cars as well as classic cars. 

 Jason said, “After being made redundant from my last role, I thought to myself ‘I can do this, with the experiences and the training I have, I could do it better’. Next day, Nicola and I walked in – and here we are today!

In 2016, Henrique Da Sailva joined the business and the teams strength was reinforced further.

“It was very much do or die,” Jason continued, “but we have worked around the clock and are very lucky to have the support and encouragement from friends and family. We have never looked back and are in a really strong position.”

With the new expansion and launch of TT Auto Repair Centre under the umbrella of TT Workshops, they pride themselves on their level of customer service –  whether it’s a million-pound car being restored or repaired by TT Workshops or a customer’s runaround car at the Auto Repair Centre – saying they all receive the same level of care and attention.

Jason continued, “The fact is, we realise that we are entrusted with people’s safety and their assets. We go the extra mile – if we see a tiny scratch whilst we are fixing something else – we often will fix the minor scratch free of charge, I’m a perfectionist! It’s just what we do, we take care of our customers and their car and their investment.”  

The new repair centre will be competitively priced, and they also offer free collection and delivery service of your car. They can also recover non-running vehicles. They offer members of the Armed Forces, veterans and NHS workers 10% discount,  plus new customers will also receive 10% off their first bill. 

Jason added, “We have an exceptional friendly service at competitive rates. This was a natural progression of the brand and business and we hope in the future we can open a second centre. We are a motivated, driven, business-orientated team and we want to push on, take it to a new level.  If it takes petrol, we can fix it!”

The centre is open 8.00am-5.00pm Monday-Friday and Saturdays by appointment. To book an appointment call the team                   on  01373 823603. For more              information visit their website                www.tt-autorepair.co.uk or search TT-auto repair centre on Facebook. 

Or alternatively for car restoration, see TT Workshops at www.ttworkshops.co.uk or also find them on Facebook.