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Woman left burnt after white powder found in package

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 at 11:27 am.

FEAR spread across Westbury last weekend as a woman received emergency attention from response vehicles after opening an Amazon package that was covered in a small amount of white powder, burning her fingers.
Bremeridge Road in Westbury was filled with fire engines, ambulances, environmental response unit and police cars on Sunday 29th July after a woman was burned from an unknown substance after opening a parcel of books delivered from Amazon.
A police spokesman said, “Officers were called by the ambulance service to an address in Bremeridge Road, Westbury, shortly after 2pm today to a report that a package delivered to the address had a small amount of unknown substance on it, described as white powder.
“Fire and ambulance were in attendance at the scene. The substance was tested by the fire service and found to be non-suspicious.”
After the recent Novichok attacks in Salisbury and Amesbury, residents of Westbury were taking to social media to express their fear that it had spread to their town, checking the safety of their friends and family.
Leanna Robertson said, “I don’t think this was a waste of resources at all, im sure if your friends/family lived there you would want as much as possible done, at the moment with everything else going on you can never be too careful where this sort of thing is concerned.”

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