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Volunteer opportunities with local young people

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THERE are opportunities to get involved with volunteering with the Local Youth Network, who are there to create support and give a voice to young people.
Their next Local Youth Network management meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th September at Fairfield Farm College.
They are looking for more local people who are interested in creating a platform where young people are given a voice and are encouraged to support groups/clubs/organisations to shape services and provide opportunities for themselves and their peers.
The Local Youth Network is eligible to grant funding up to £5,000 for positive activities for young people aged 13-19 years old, including young people up to 25 years old if disabled and/or with special educational needs.
If you would like to get involved, contact Jan Bowra on 07747 455746 or email Janette. bowra@wiltshire.gov.uk

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