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Disappointment as Wiltshire Council votes against planting more trees

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 11:51 am.

Wiltshire Councilhas voted against backing a Lib Dem proposal to advocate a minimum of a 25% canopy of trees to be planted in any new housing estate.
Despite gaining cross-party support, including from members of the cabinet, the Lib Dem motion to amend the council’s core strategy was narrowly voted down by the Conservatives.
Cllr Pat Aves from Melksham, who proposed the motion, was disappointed that it had not been taken forward. She said, “This is a sad day for the people of Wiltshire and their future health and well-being. This was an opportunity for the council, which claims to be for “Everyone”, to be genuinely forward-looking and take a lead in promoting and addressing an inspired plan to make life better for all of us, as several other councils have already done.
“I am especially disappointed in view of the fact that in a recent Freedom of Information request by a leading newspaper, freely admitted to having cut down 4,778 trees in the last three years. Whatever the reasons they were cut down, justified or not, I know of no plans to replace any of them. A recent experience in which we succeeded in saving a row of poplars in King George V Park in Melksham does not inspire me with confidence.”
Cllr Brian Mathew who seconded the motion was equally disappointed saying, “Considering that Bristol City Council in partnership with the Woodland Trust are planning to go for 30% tree cover, it’s a shame Wiltshire couldn’t have been as equally aspirational.”

2 Responses to Disappointment as Wiltshire Council votes against planting more trees

  1. Paul Taylor

    July 29, 2018 at 10:56 am

    I am absolutely disgusted by Wiltshire Councils decision not to replace trees they cut down, let alone plant more for the future. I seem to think the Conservative logo is a tree. Do politicians really think it is their paltry endeavours that are trying to keep global warming in check? No, it is the trees that are doing the hard work. Based on the figures quoted here by Cllr Pat Aves, Wiltshire Council think cutting down trees is an investment in our future. Wiltshire Council are Climate Change deniers.
    Cllr Paul Taylor
    Green Member for Melksham Without Parish Council.

  2. Adrienne Solti

    October 13, 2018 at 10:39 am

    I totally agree with Paul Taylor. This decision is absolutely disgusting.
    Adrienne Solti

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