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Volunteers expand their knowledge to help those in need

This entry was posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at 11:30 am.

HOPE Debt Advice, within Crosspoint in Westbury, are continuing to expand their knowledge,  with volunteers gaining new qualifications to give the best advice to those in need.

Hope Debt Advice is run by volunteers, to help those seeking financial support, the opportunity to gain valuable advice about debts, financial conduct and money problems.

With the help from Community Money Advice (CMA), which is a national money advice charitable service authorised by the FCS, which provides debt counselling and money management advice, they are able to get the best advice at their fingertips to give to the people of Westbury and surrounding areas.

The team at Hope Debt Advice, Julie Vince, Gordon King, Carole King and Barbara  Mantle have taken the time to achieve their part 3 of the CMA course, allowing them to assist more people in their expanding line of work.

Carole King, Hope Debt Advice volunteer said, “We have a huge and diverse client base, working with people in poverty and those who have serious mental instabilities, and we hope to alleviate their problems as far as we are able and release people from seeing us with better financial advice.

“With the new qualification, we are able to give them better and more targeted advice. We offer a more pastoral and personal service and look to hold their hand during their difficult and sensitive time.”

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