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School praised with a ‘Waste Watchers’ award

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WESTBURY Infants School celebrated their ‘Waste Watcher’ award presented by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust for their continued work to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Gemma Annan, education and wellbeing officer for the waste team, visited Westbury Infants School to present to the children the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Waste Watchers Award’.

Gemma has visited Westbury Infants to talk to the children about reducing, reusing and recycling more of their rubbish. She has also led some workshops with the year 2 children, showing them how to compost their food waste.

Members of the school council oversee the collection and emptying of the recycling bins on a weekly basis and are leading the school in a continuing drive to reduce the amount of paper used.

The school has further plans in place to improve the environment around the new classroom extension, which include making a hibernaculum, bat and bird boxes and a hedgehog house.

James Brewer, ECO schools leader for Westbury Infants School said, “We are very proud to receive this award. The children have worked hard to reduce, reuse and recycle. They are now taking a greater interest in the local environment and have been informing parents about how to increase the amount they recycle at home.”

Shaya, a pupil in year 2, said, “If every household in Wiltshire recycled one more baked bean can it would save enough energy to power our school for 11 months!”

On a visit to the school earlier in the year,  Gemma from Wiltshire Wildlife shared such facts with the children.

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