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Local author releases third wildlife book

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 10:07 am.

WESTBURY wildlife author, Jane Russ, has released a new book titled ‘The Owl Book’, the third in a series about different species of wildlife found in Britain.

Jane Russ, who is also a councillor at Westbury Town Council, had previously released ‘The Hare Book’ and ‘The Fox Book’ with publishers Graffeg. Now, ‘The Owl Book’ features a look into the myth, legend, art and literature behind one of the most loved birds.

Jane said, “I could not create this without the support of some outstanding photographers.  The best bit is choosing what goes in and starting with over 200 it is quite hard.  The research for this book was really hard, every time I thought I’d tied down a specific fact, I would find another piece of research that contradicted it.  My most used phrase throughout the text was, ‘research continues!’

“The art and literature section includes an especially written short story from the acclaimed writer Jackie Morris and an eclectic range of images of owls in paintings, print, sculpture, ceramics and even leather-work.

“If you really love owls or have a friend who does,, get along to your nearest bookshop (Hunting Raven in Frome have it in the window at the moment) or buy it on-line direct from the publishers Graffeg – www.graffeg.com or Amazon.”

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