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Big Pledge is back

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 10:04 am.

Take the time today to sign up for Wiltshire Council’s health-boosting campaign Big Pledge: Beat the Clock – and this year, every second counts.

This is the fifth annual Big Pledge campaign run by the council, which aims to get more people active and taking exercise. The campaign got some gold medal support last week with Britain’s most decorated Winter Paralympians, Jennifer Kehoe and Menna Fitzpatrick, lending their support. The campaign, which runs from 14th May to 8th July, is open to enter now for all ages and every level of fitness and ability.

Participants can choose from a wide array of pursuits to complete their personal challenge, including football, cricket, tennis, basketball, athletics, dance, cycling, walking, running and badminton.

There are four levels of involvement:

Beat the Clock Challenge if you are new to activity or have a disability

Beat the Clock Plus Challenge if you are already active and looking to push yourself

Beat the Clock Team Challenge to do with colleagues, friends and family.

Beat the Clock Schools Challenge, with no limit on the numbers of pupils who can join in.

Chris Williams, Wiltshire Council’s portfolio holder for communities said, “Beat the Clock is a brilliant, enjoyable way of improving your fitness and getting the healthy benefits from taking exercise.

“Our annual challenge is always massively popular and thousands of people have already taken part and got a lot of pleasure out of it. It’s a terrific way to boost your wellbeing.”

Wiltshire’s double Paralympic gold medallist Jennifer Kehoe, who is supporting this year’s challenge said, ” I am delighted to be supporting this year’s Big Pledge Challenge. This is a fantastic event that everyone can join in and get active regardless of age or ability. I know there is nothing better that setting yourself a goal and then achieving it! It is so simple to take part and I urge you to sign up now and get active, have fun and go for that gold!”

To take part, simply sign up at  www.wiltshire .gov.uk/big pledge where you can also see a full list of the activities available.

You will get your own Challenge Record page where you can plot your progress as you go along.

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