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Residents being driven round the bend by roadworks

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RESIDENTS have taken to social media to express their concern over continued delays to work at the new roundabout being built on Trowbridge Road.

A story from the last issue of White Horse News has sparked comments online with questions being asked about who is footing the bill for the design error – after the roundabout had to be re-done due to being unsuitable for larger vehicles.

Simon Thatcher of DR Groundworks, who are constructing the roundabout, told WHN on 21st March that they would be finished and be off the road by the first week of April. However, despite the removal of the traffic light system work still continues on – way past the original finishing date of Wednesday 28th February.

Resident Nigel Coward commented on Facebook and said, “Did the subcontractors not notice all of the large articulated vehicles struggling to negotiate the roundabout while it was under construction?

“Amateurish work showing complete incompetence, it beggars belief. Once again Westbury receives a substandard service.”

Krista Elmes added, “Try living near it. It’s causing absolute chaos with vehicles blocking the current roundabout. The new Lidl will be built quicker than the new roundabout!”

Lisa Jennings commented, “Does anyone know of the builders are being fined for the over run? Should be something in the contract. If no one knows I might submit a freedom of information request to find out what the deal is.”

Phil Tilley, Development Control Engineer for Wiltshire Council said “There was some evidence during construction that the largest lorries were having some difficulty in manoeuvring around the roundabout, resulting in over-run of the central island’s soft landscaped area. There was also evidence that some of the ‘over-ride’ area inside carriageway area was not structurally sound. These issues could have led to unwanted maintenance costs, and a decision was taken to review the construction arrangement.

“The works have been designed and constructed by the housing developers, under agreement with the Council, and all associated costs will be borne by them. These works led to a delay in the construction period, but overall construction delay was exacerbated by the two periods of inclement weather.

DR Groundworks have been approached for comment but had not responded by the time White Horse News went to press.

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