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There’s just ‘snow’ stopping Debbie and Dave’s wedding!

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 11:54 am.

A WESTBURY couple forced to postpone their wedding because of the snow, defied the odds to reschedule their big day – just 25 hours later than planned.

When Storm Emma brought snow storms to the area earlier this month, Debbie Alexander (also known as Debbie Detox) and Dave Alexander (also known as Dave Hickory) found themselves facing a white wedding they had not planned for.

Concerned for the safety of people travelling to the area, the couple called off the wedding planned for Saturday 3rd March at The Tin Church in Brokerswood.

“We made the decision to postpone the wedding on the Friday morning,” said Debbie. “The roads were treacherous and guests were coming from all over. Dave’s dad was coming from Poole – we just couldn’t risk them all travelling. People were telling us that Brokerswood had been hit really bad by the snow.”

With the couple due to go on their honeymoon on the following Tuesday, they decided to reschedule the wedding, determined to fly off to Malta as a married couple. “We couldn’t go on our honeymoon unmarried!” said Dave.

Debbie added, “We had the idea to reschedule for the following day (Sunday) and luckily we found out that there was no service planned at 12pm at All Saints Church, which would be more accessible for people to reach than the Tin Church.

“We had to make about 50 phone calls to rearrange things like the cake, DJ and photographer. Everyone agreed to help out and change their plans, it was amazing.”

Proving that nothing was going to stop the couple from having their perfect day, the couple cycled to Brokerswood in the thick snow to collect their order of service pamphlets from the Tin Church.

After a day of frantic phonecalls and re-organising, the big day arrived. Debbie said, “We woke up to find that most of the snow had cleared, which was a relief.

“The original wedding was meant to be a small and intimate affair, but with a bigger church, we sent out an invitation on Facebook to everyone invited to the reception, encouraging them to come along. We had no idea who would come, but the church was packed! We were so overwhelmed by the effort people made.

“We were delighted to have the wedding, it was such a good day, perfect. I’d go as far as to say that it was the best day of our lives, better than the original wedding we had planned.”

Photo by Matt Curtis Photography.

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