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Memories and memorabilia of Westbury Swimming Pool needed for 130th anniversary celebrations

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 11:50 am.

Westbury Swimming Pool will be celebrating 130 years of serving the town, initially as a bathing facility and now as a swimming pool, on Thursday 24th May.

This makes your local pool the oldest public operating Victorian swimming pool in the country.

Westbury Pool is managed by Places for People Leisure on behalf of Wiltshire Council. The team at the pool want to make this a fun and lively celebration for the community and are working on creating a day of celebrations.

Ideas so far include fancy dress and swimming for a charge of 1p. There will be activities for children and all swimming lessons on that day will receive a certificate as memorabilia of the anniversary celebrations.

There is lots of planning going on behind the scenes and Colin Larrigan, general manager, has been speaking to the Laverton Trust and Westbury Family History group, but they would also like to ask townsfolk if you have any memories, memorabilia, anecdotes or photographs of the pool over the years. The building is rumoured to have at least one resident ghost, do any of you have any spooky tales or sightings of ghostly apparitions?

More details will follow but for now, if you have any details, anecdotes or memorabilia to contribute, please contact Colin Larrigan, general manager on 01373 822891 or email colinlarrigan@pfpleisure .org

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