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Local heroes to the rescue

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 11:11 am.

THE ‘Beast from the East’ – Britain’s worst winter weather for a decade – brought chaos to the South West. However, community spirit shone through in Westbury as ‘snow heroes’ rallied round to help.

Local businessman, James Hibbs, director of Wiltshire Caravans, took to the treacherous streets in his 4×4 vehicle, taking carers to work, helping stranded motorists, and even collecting a couple who were stranded at Bristol Airport.

James said, “I was driving along Warminster Road around 4.30pm on Thursday 1st March, passing by people who were stuck. As I was in my 4×4, I got home OK and felt really guilty that there were people stuck and stranded, so I decided to do my bit.”

Teresa Hibbs, James’ sister and her colleagues are carers and needed to attend to their clients, but had no transport.

Teresa said, “James volunteered to help get staff to Westbury Lodge and care homes in Trowbridge, to make sure the people living in the homes had enough support. Without this help, it could have put a lot of people at risk. My brother, the hero!”

James added, “I also drove to Bristol airport to pick up a couple who landed at 11pm and there were no taxis available to bring them home. I collected them at 6am the following morning.

“With my Ford Ranger, the main roads were okay, it was the B roads that were really bad!”

Locals Nick Sperring and Steve Cullen also pitched in to help a beleaguered lorry driver. They used their Land Rovers – often used for off roading – to pull a 44-tonne lorry, which was struggling to make it through the slippery Warminster Road.

Nick said, “I saw the lorry struggling and we had our Land Rovers, so we started to help pull it.”

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