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Council asks for your help to improve Westbury for residents

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 10:53 am.

WESTBURY Town Council is working on its aims and priorities for the coming four years, and seek feedback from local people on their draft town strategy, in order to improve Westbury for its residents.

The town strategy sets outs the council’s vision for the future of Westbury and the priorities of the council over the next fours years.

The council states, “Whilst remaining proud of our history and heritage, we will shape a modern identity, and develop both affluence and vibrancy by means of an engaged and empowered community.

“Westbury will become a promoter of its own destiny, to develop into a town for families, with a diverse range of businesses and becoming well regarded for its festivals and events.”

In order to achieve this, the council is asking the public, businesses and visitors to respond to their consultation, which is available on their website to view.

Town clerk, Deborah Urch said, “The consultation document has four overall headings with a number of priorities within each heading.

“We want the public to say if these are a high, medium or low priority for them. The strategy is our high level document and once we have heard from the public, we will if necessary modify our strategy and then build our business case and supporting financial plan.

“The business case will be much more of an action plan that looks at our day-to-day activities and longer term aims. As more services transfer from Wiltshire Council, the town council has some difficult decisions to make i.e. build on what we do well, what we do that is new, what we stop doing and the impact of these decisions on the precept.”

Your comments are needed by Monday 9th April and should be sent to Deborah Urch, town clerk via info@westburytown council.gov.uk.

Copies of the questionnaire are available to download from www.westbury towncouncil.gov.uk or from The Laverton on Bratton Road.

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