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Bratton Parish Council reduces Council Tax by 6%

This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 9:46 am.

BRATTON Parish Council voted to reduce the Council Tax by 6%, despite an increase in their precept of £8,000.

At their meeting on January 9th, the parish council fixed their budget for the financial year. The council set a budget of £46,607 which saw an increase of £8,000.

Despite the increase, the parish council held significant balances of some £30,000. Therefore, it was agreed to reduce the Council Tax by 6%. This means a reduction of £4.58 on the council tax levy of a Band D property.

Whilst reducing the level of Council Tax, the parish council has found significant extra resources to support the Jubilee Hall and the Recreation Ground.

The Jubilee Hall will receive £5,150 including a £1,950 grant to support capital initiatives and £1,200 to ensure the hall is properly insured.

The recreation ground, which is managed by the recreation ground management committee, will receive £5,000 including a £3,500 contribution to capital projects.

An additional £4,000 on top of the current spend of £3,400 has been allocated to ensure the village is well maintained.

The parish council will work closely with the Tidy Bratton Group to ensure this additional resource is well spent.

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