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A whole school art project for Westbury Infants

This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 10:33 am.

A TEACHING assistant at Westbury Infant School is helping the children and their parents paint a new display for the school corridor with the theme of the four seasons.

Mrs Rylands, who has been working at the school for many years, has recently developed the artwork using her creativity and excellent eye. Her latest project is involving the whole school to create a new display.

Mrs Rylands said, “The whole school will be creating four pieces of art, each piece will represent the four seasons. All four pieces will be displayed in the new building in a corridor.”

“The winter display will be made by the reception children. They will create layers of tree silhouettes in different tones and use splashing paint effect to show snow.

“Spring will be created by year 2 who will be making 3D flowers out of paper. They will learn new skills like folding, curling and cutting to build their flowers.

“Summer will be created by year 1. They will design individual pictures in a stained glass effect. They will use new materials like brusho and watercolour paper and paint to show glass effect and black pen to show the lead.

“Autumn will be created by the bears, our resource base children. They till use shapes to build up a picture of trees, houses, fields and animals all made by printing with different materials.”

Mrs Rylands has also worked alongside the parents on the project. She added, “The children love having their grown-ups with them to share these experiences and the adults learn a new art technique as well.”

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