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The battle for Bratton Road development continues

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 11:37 am.

AFTER refusal for planning permission to erect 47 new homes on Bratton Road last year, the application has been resubmitted despite local residents’ fight for privacy.

Last year, Mr R Nevill applied for planning permission to transform his owned land on Bratton Road into a housing development of 47 houses.

The plans were refused by Wiltshire Council on Wednesday 25th January 2017 due to the site not fulfilling Westbury’s needs, conflicting with the plan-led approach for Wiltshire and the application fails to demonstrate how the social and economic dimensions of sustainable development has been met.

Mr R Nevill appealed this decision on Wednesday 9th August with an expected outcome to be finalised after a 4-day inquiry on Tuesday 1st May.

In November, he resubmitted the planning application under a new name of Mr RE Nevill and using a new planning agent, Emery Planning Partner Partnership (EPPP), and continues his fight to transform his land.

In the planning statement, EPPP on behalf of Mr R Nevill explain the reasonings behind the resubmission, stating, “This  planning  application  has  been  submitted  as  the  applicant  considers  that  the  planning balance  undertaken  then  was  not  correct  and  also  that  matters  have  materially  moved  on from  that  decision. The  Appellant has  also  agreed  that the  preferred  developer will  be Wainhomes who would deliver the site within 18 months of a commencement on site. Therefore the site is deliverable.

“We will conclude that there are significant benefits which, in summary, are: The delivery of new housing in an authority which has persistently under delivered both open market and affordable housing.

“Development in a sustainable location close to the wide range of services and facilities in Westbury.The delivery of 30% affordable housing which accords with the adopted development plan in an area where there is significant need.

“The provision of open and play space to meet the needs of future residents. Financial contributions set out in the Section 106 agreement towards facilities in the local area.

“Provision of jobs during the construction phase of the development which is an important contributor to the economic and social success of the area. The provision of New Homes Bonus and Council Tax revenues.

“On  that  basis,  the  presumption  is  in  favour  of  the proposed development and planning permission should be granted accordingly.”

However, local residents of Bratton Road are still fighting for the resubmission to fall the same way as previous attempts.

Malcolm Watson, who lives on Bratton Road has commented on how the new development will affect him and several other houses in the area.

Malcolm Watson said, “The previous application by the land owner is currently under appeal! This site is not suitable for housing development. It is outside of the town planning area for Westbury, the land although listed as agricultural use is “green belt”. The proposed design is not “in keeping” with current dwellings on Bratton Road.

“The proposed entrance is “an accident waiting to happen”. The site is also a major confluence of various wildlife, including adders, protected species of bats, numerous types of raptor (hawks, bustards, kites etc) .

“As previously stated, once current developments in the town have been completed, Westbury will have an “excess” of dwellings available, so these are not needed. The applicant seems to think that if he keeps pushing he will get his way. Landowners such as this, should not be allowed to “bully” local authorities into granting permissions, by making it “uneconomical” for the authority to fight it further on.

“Submitting yet another application for a site already under appeal, is plainly an attempt to try and “slip under the radar” of those opposed to the previous application while they concentrate on the appeal.

“On a personal note, these current plans would have me being able to stand at my back door and look straight into the new houses’ windows.We have also been informed by local estate agents, that any development of the site, would reduce the value of the three properties closest by “up to 27%”  due to loss of privacy, added “noise pollution”, added “light pollution”, loss of wildlife and “reduced security.”

“The town”s medical centre is in a constant state of being overwhelmed, and  local school services are at breaking point, the current traffic status in the town is at an all time high because the county won”t build a “western bypass”, the central area of the town is dying off due to lack of investment, shops are closing. We don”t even have a main post office any more!

“To make my point clear; another “housing development” is not needed, not wanted, would destroy wildlife and archaeological heritage, as well as make a busy road far more dangerous that it already is. Numerous “near misses” and actual collisions are almost a daily occurrence at the junction between Bitham Park and Bratton Road, only a few hundred yards from this land’s proposed entrance. The sound of screeching brakes, car horns and skidding vehicles is a daily occurrence.”

The consultation is due to expire on Friday 5th January, with a target date for decision proposed as Friday 16th February. To take a look at the full planning application please visit the Wiltshire Council website planning page and use the planning number 17/11359/OUT.

One Response to The battle for Bratton Road development continues

  1. rachel stroud

    January 4, 2018 at 10:42 am

    The only reason the planners are trying to get this through is because the work has started on the 300+ houses on Bitham Park – they hope they will slip it through. This town is being completed swamped with houses and no infrastructure to back it up – as a person who was born and raised in Westbury, it breaks my heart to see this. The council have taken away our hospital, post office etc – let nothing but fast food shops go through – they are also totally ignoring what the Town Council and concerned residents say – all Wiltshire Council are interested in is the amount of money they can make. Along with this proposal – don`t forget they are trying to get through 88 houses on Station Road, 200+ in Storridge Road and 300 by the sailing lake. It`s about time Wiltshire Council were investigated. What has happened to the MP for Wiltshire – Andrew Murrison – he is deafening in his silence. Is he keeping quiet because he`s a TORY and the council are tory led – the time for you to listen Andrew is now!

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