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Taller chimney for waste treatment plant

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 11:52 am.

NORTHACRE Renewable Energy has announced that they intend to apply for permission to make amendments to their existing plans for a waste treatment plant, which includes an increase to the height of their main chimney.

The planned facility, owned by  Northacre Renewable Energy – a company owned by Hills Group – was given planning permission in 2015 to build a gasification plant on land between the Northacre Resource Recovery Centre and Arla Dairies on Stephenson Road, just over a mile from Westbury town centre.

The original plans included a main 60m (200 foot) chimney. The amendments will see the height of the chimney increased to 75m (246 foot) in anticipation of requirements set by the Environment Agency.

Other amendments that will be made under section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, include an increase in the height of the buildings to incorporate a more efficient boiler system and to facilitate safe access around the boiler room and plant; the enclosing of the thermal plant to assist in year-round operations and maintenance; the separation of the waste reception building and the thermal building to comply with fire control standards; and one less turbine and bank of air cooled condensers making it a more efficient system.

Presenting the information at the Westbury Area Board meeting in December, Ed Dodd from Hills Group said, “Section 73 applications for variations to a project on this scale are part of the process and it is likely that through the three-year construction period that there will be others because it is a complex project and there are many moving parts. This is existing permission and we are looking to tweak this permission.”

The changes have been brought about following negotiations with their engineering procurement and construction contractor and emerging guidance from the Environment Agency on ‘Best Available Technique’ (BAT) for minimising emissions and impacts on the environment.

Northacre Renewable Energy intend to apply for an environmental permit to allow waste emissions to air under the Industrial Emissions Directive from the Environment Agency in the second quarter of 2018.  The Environment Agency will assess their environmental permit application against Best Available Techniques (BAT).

The area board meeting was well attended by a number of residents concerned about airborne waste emissions from the plant, noise and the overall impact on recycling in the area. In response to the community concerns, Ed Dodd from Hills Group said, “This is better than landfill, better than sending the material to other countries at a tremendous financial cost and carbon cost. This is a reduction in carbon against coal and gas and it’s delivering genuine renewable power to the grid and locally.”

Westbury Town Council also intend to host a public meeting to provide an opportunity for the council and community to ask questions and to hear more about what the waste treatment plant is, and what the health implications are.

Representatives from Hills Group, the Environment Agency and Wiltshire Council have been invited to the public meeting.

3 Responses to Taller chimney for waste treatment plant

  1. Jc

    January 11, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Having attended the last area board meeting where we were informed of the intended extension to their chimney height , one gentleman asked the question regarding pollution the chairman of this meeting told the gentleman bluntly that his questions regarding emissions/ pollution was not for this meeting. I walked out at this. It seemed to me that collusion is alive and well regarding this proposed incinerator.
    We have got rid of one polluting chimney Westbury does not want another.

    Further the amount of traffic carrying waste to site would be horrendous as we were informed wast from outside Wiltshire would also be treated.
    Be careful Westbury you may yet become WASTEBURY.

  2. Sharon Wright

    January 14, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    I have read that we already have spare incinerator – oops sorry gasification plant – capacity in Wilts, and that they have to burn recyclable waste ie paper and plastic to produce useful ‘fuel’ – Wiltshire council should be ashamed of their recycling policy, and this can only make it worse, let alone air quality in the town where the hill creates more stagnant air which they now plan to fill with dioxins! Beggars belief

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