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Westbury Churches Together- The Gift of Christmas

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 9:53 am.

The world of supermarkets, retailers and TV films have been promoting Christmas gifts, goodies and repeats from October – yet when the celebration of Christmas arrives, it is the emotions of the time that is most evident.

There are families coming together perhaps from a distance apart; skype, facetime and many new technologies allow face-to-face communication across the world; old and new friendships are forged and freshened. It is also a time of distress for many – as loneliness is more evident, homelessness is more heart-rending, hopelessness seems to be much more evident. But the truth of Christmas is that it is a time that celebrates the greatest gift of all – the gift of Immanuel – God with us – not for us to strive to be good enough for God, but God reaching down to His creation to give us the goodness of Himself through Jesus Christ only for us to accept that gift. The gift is available to receive every day of the year – every day is Christmas – and it is now in this season, we can recognise even more how we can rejoice in His presence together.

Last month we gathered to remember those who gave their lives to fight against tyranny, and to allow us to live in freedom. That tyranny, or forms of it, have not disappeared – but when we shine with love and goodness, the love and forgiveness of God, we can defeat anger, bitterness, and the afflictions of loneliness and despair.

There is a togetherness in Westbury, and as the town increases in size, we have to stand up for neighbourliness in the love of God. Look out for one another as we celebrate Christmas – and in exchanging gifts, remember the greatest Gift – our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We wish you all a Happy and Blessed Christmas, and a fulfilling New Year.

Rev Iain Murray – Church of the Living God, Westbury, at the Laverton

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