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Town Council agree additional funding for Laverton project

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 11:23 am.

FUNDING has been given the green light by town councillors to build the last phase of the project to extend the council’s Laverton building in Bratton Road.

Westbury Town Council had successfully received a loan from the Secretary of State of  £130,000 which will allow work to begin. This will provide a glass-fronted extension on the side of the building which will accommodate extra rooms for the town council and community to use.   

Town clerk, Deborah Urch said, “We are delighted to have been given the approval for the loan by the Secretary of State. Now we can begin work on the Laverton which should be finished by January of next year. The extension will give us a multi-community space which is benefical for the council and the local community.”

However, at the last town council meeting on Monday 6th November the LIMTWG (The Laverton Institute Trust management working group) requested an additional capital budget for the project. This was due to the tenders being higher than the feasibility study, undertaken in March 2017 by an external consultant, had suggested.

This request approved and the town council agreed to the additional funding of up to £41,750 from the rolling capital budget bringing the total cost to renovate the Laverton at an estimated £180,435,56. The funding required for the build will not increase the precept (local council rates) for Westbury residents.

The budget for the project comprises £130,000 loan from the Secretary of State, £11,828 already put aside in EMR for Laverton improvements and up to an additional £41,750 from the town council. Work is estimated to commence in January and complete the last phase of the overall project to renovate the Laverton.

This will allow groups  an accessible entrance to a multi-use space that is separate from the main town council office entrance. There have been many ideas put forward for the overall use of the space including the idea of small start-up business using the area.

If you are interested in looking at the plans for the new project, they are available to view on request at the town council offices, in the Laverton, in December.

For enquiries about booking the Laverton for your event please see the website for more information www.thelaverton.co.uk contact Lilly Bale on 01373 822126 or email Lilly.Bale@westburytown council.gov.uk

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