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Tiny Tails adds a new adventure with second story

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 at 9:56 am.

LOCAL award-winning author, Rosie Evitt, creator of Tiny Tails, inspired by her own rescue dog, gives her a new adventure in her second book.

The first book in the series of four, Tiny Tails the beginning, introduces Tiny and takes the readers through the first chapters of her life, exploring the challenges that she must face as a puppy, plus all the great parts such as the love and fun she has with her new family and friends.

The new book of Tiny’s adventures is called ‘Tiny Tails – Summer’ and is grittier than the first, with some heart-stopping moments and interesting pieces that will allow the young reader to gain useful life tips. It follows Tiny on her journey from puppyhood to becoming a young adult.

Rosie has been reading her stories to children in local primary schools and found it  hugely successful with the children, even helping her make literary decisions including the name of the entire series!

This new installment of her stories will be featured and available to purchase at the Wealth of Wiltshire exhibition at County Hall, Trowbridge, on Thursday 30th November where Rosie will have her own stand.

The books are illustrated by young illustrator Issy Humphrey. Author Rosie Evitt said, “Her interpretation of my texts has been a joy! Issy has just turned 18 and has a magic life journey ahead. She is perfect and slightly mad, having a penchant for jumping off cliffs into the sea. She has a box of shiny things such as coins and buckles, well, doesn’t everyone? And Issy wants to go to Mars – are you starting to get my drift?

“Maybe she’ll be an archaeologist or a scientist but with her imagination and joie de vivre, life will be exciting. I salute a fellow adventurer and wish her- just everything!”

To find out more about the author and other published works please visit www.rosie-evitt.co.uk

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