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Teenager shaves his head for local children’s hospice

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 at 10:16 am.

A WESTBURY teenager has shaved off his beloved curls to raise money for a children’s hospice which is supporting his sister and family. 

Alex Tilley, 13, had his thick curly hair shaved on Saturday 4th November in order to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW), as his family is supported by its Charlton Farm hospice in North Somerset.

Alex’s sister Josselin, age 11, has CHARGE syndrome and is deafblind, unable to walk or talk and reliant on 24/7 care for all her needs. She has an airway obstruction and uses CPAP ventilation overnight and is unable to eat or drink, so is fed through a gastrostomy tube. She has a severe learning difficulty, scoliosis and weak bones.

Alex turned up to Barbershop by A.J.H in Westbury sporting his thick brown curly hair, but left with a short back and sides.

Karen Tilley, Alex’s mother said, “I’m just so proud of him, I know he loves his hair, so was surprised when he suggested doing it. I kept asking if he was sure, but he reassured me he wanted to do it. His dad is glad because he hates his long curly hair and has been telling him to cut it for months!”

So far, Alex has smashed his target of £300 and raised approximately £850. Alex said after the cut, “I’m a bit sad it’s gone, it’s going to be very cold in the winter now.  But I’m just really surprised that I managed to raise way over my target”.

If you would like to support Alex’s fundraising, please visit www.gofundme.com/2cpuzgg4

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