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Are you interested in joining Westbury Air Cadets?

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WESTBURY Air Cadets are reaching out to young people who may be interested in joining the air cadets.

The Air Cadets meet on Wednesdays and Fridays between 7.00pm and 9.30pm at the cadet centre, West End, Westbury.

They say, “Are you ready to join? It’s important to know that they are not a recruiting organisation for the services. They are interested in you and your potential, and will help you get the most from your experience as a cadet. The experience is open to everyone, so whatever your nationality, gender, background or ability, if you’re aged between 12 and 16 – you can join!

“Aside from flying, sports, target shooting, adventure training and great fun, you’ll soon find that being an air cadet is its own reward – you can see the benefits of your own efforts, building on your achievements and earning BTECs and DofE awards.

“They welcome personal visits by potential cadets accompanied by a parent of guardian, during one of the parade nights on a Wednesday or a Friday. Please contact us before you visit so someone can be available to chat and show you around. Just come along and see if you like it, there is no obligation to join.”

For more information about Westbury Air Cadets please contact Flight Lieutenant John Gillespie via email oc.68@aircadets.org or by phone 07384 583871 or you can visit their website at www.68sqnaircadets.org

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