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New group leaders wanted for Westbury Shed

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 11:15 am.

WESTBURY Shed group are on the hunt for new group leaders to help facilitate sessions at the community scheme.

Launched in 2015, Westbury Shed is open to anyone, offering a workshop and allotment for the community to work in and meet others.

Group organiser Dan Gmaj said, “A good helping of common sense and some knowledge of the workings of a shed, health and safety and first aid, is of course most useful, but the initial greeting, and calm sensible guidance is vital if best practice is to be observed.

“As the ‘face’ of the session you are likely to encounter people that have plucked up the courage to make the big step to investigate getting involved with others. Some may have little confidence and concerns that they have nothing to offer the group, even feeling guilty for taking up precious group time, whereas some will be brimming with confidence or possibly a disposition to show all around where they are going wrong.

“I can honestly say that my last year of leading, or rather facilitating ‘Shed’ sessions has been among the most fun and rewarding times that I can remember.

“As a session leader, you should ‘keep it simple’ in order to allow the people that need it, time to relax while positively reminding others of ‘how we do things’ in order to guide all on the gentle path to finding their feet and relaxing in to the concept of ‘Shed’. A cuppa and a chat usually suffices as a great start!

“A session leader will; be available for all (or if shared, part of) a ‘shed’ session (unlock and lock the shed etc); positively engage members and visitors with a smile and a warm welcome; oversee that the code of conduct and health & safety policy is adhered to; and encourage and assist with ongoing projects if required and/or time allows.

“In addition, you may be required to; keep any session fees paid, in a dated envelope, along with a record of where they came from and answer questions, distribute information leaflets and membership forms to prospective members.”

For more details visit www.westburyshed.org Dan can be contacted at westburyshed@gmail.com or on 01373 865 057.

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