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Youth Sailing Club celebrates 50 golden years

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 at 11:46 am.

THE West Wilts Youth Sailing Association, based in Westbury, recently celebrated 50 years of teaching young people the ways of the water with a day packed full of fun for members old and new.

To mark their golden anniversary, the club hosted a fun day on the water for its younger members, whilst the adults, made up of members past and present, were treated to a night of good food, dancing and a guest speaker.

Secretary for the club, Pat Walker said, “The association celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday 16th September by welcoming  its young members for a fun and games day on the water and a barbecue. With paddle boards, canoes, kayaks and sailing boats, the youngsters enjoyed themselves and got very wet!  They even built a raft and tried to paddle it before it fell apart.

“In the evening the association held a celebration at The Horse & Groom for all past and present members.  Deputy Mayor Ian Cunningham attended and former member, Tim Cross, was our guest speaker.

“Tim remembered his time with us with good memories and laughter.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with food, wine and music, but most importantly catching up with old friends and remembering amusing anecdotes”.