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Pump Festival says farewell to Westbury with one last hurrah

This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 at 11:35 am.

AFTER three days full of music and dancing, ‘Pumpers’ said a fond farewell to Westbury after organisers of ‘Priming the Pump’ announced that the festival would be moving back to its spiritual home next year.

The Village Pump Festival moved to the White Horse Country Park in 2012, but last year announced that it would not be returning due to poor ticket sales.

Priming the Pump’ was organised in its place by a group of volunteers with the aim of raising money to kick-start a new festival for next year.

One of the organisers Darren Field said, “Our aim in running the event was to raise enough money to ensure a Pump folk festival endures next year, and the years thereafter.

“We are happy to announce that next year’s Pump festival will take place, bigger and bolder, back at its spiritual home in Stowford near Trowbridge.”

Before Pumpers could start making plans for the move, they had three days packed full of music, dancing and an energetic ceilidh to enjoy.

“The event was a delightful three days, and fully lived up to all of our expectations,” said Darren.

“Every act brought something different and delightful to the stage, from the endearing beauty of Edwina Hayes’ ballads to the riotous Roving Crows; from Reg Meuross’ touching folk songs to Cardboard Fox’s Americana and bluegrass.

“There were so many highlights over the three days both on the main stage and the sessions tent, all Pumpers, both new and old, journeyed home with many wonderful new memories to share.

“The musicians, performers, organisers and volunteers, who endeavoured to bring this year’s Priming the Pump event about, are owed a huge debt of gratitude and thanks to everybody who joined us and made it so much fun.”

Looking ahead to next year’s festival, Darren said, “The dust hasn’t even settled (well, the mud hasn’t dried out anyway) and the board are already looking at a blank piece of paper entitled ‘Trowbridge Folk Festival’.

“The only thing that is completely certain about the line-up is that every new Pumper who founded their love of folk music at the White Horse Country Park over the past few years, is most warmly welcome to come and join in the fun at Stowford near Trowbridge next summer. We can’t wait!”