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Getting fresh and fragrant at The Laverton

This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 at 12:01 pm.

We are all familiar with the excellent work undertaken by community food banks, however most of us will think about donating food cupboard staples such as pasta, rice and baked beans; not many of us think about toiletries.

As the parent of any teenager or young adult will tell you, fitting in with your peers is hard. There is tremendous pressure to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way and if your family is struggling, access to food often takes priority over toiletries.

Re:Fresh is a schools-based project that donates toiletries and sanitary products to children and young adults in need. It was established in 2015 in response to a growing awareness that many children and young adults were facing difficulties and challenges, which meant they were not fully supported in areas of personal hygiene and selfcare.

The scheme is the brain child of Trowbridge resident, Sam Whiley. By working with pastoral staff and tutors in schools and colleges and providing a simple bag of gender specific toiletries, the scheme helps young people to take control and care for themselves. It operates in the West Wilts and Frome area including Westbury.

Now, Westbury husband and wife team, Chris and Mel Charlton, along with local coordinator Steve Lloyd, are challenging Westbury residents to fill a new collection bin located at The Laverton and Boots on the High Street (only for goods bought instore).

Chris, a newly co-opted town councillor, moved to Westbury with his family just over a year ago and through Mel’s previous connections with food banks they have become involved in promoting the work of Re:Fresh.

Speaking at The Laverton recently, Chris Charlton said he was fully supportive of his wife, who is the Westbury area coordinator for Re:Fresh, and wanted to try and help increase the number of collection points in Westbury.

A list of items that are included in the sample bags can be found at www.communityaction westwilts.org, and financial donations are always welcomed. Each bag costs about £10 to provide and can make a real difference to some. As Mel said. “A simple bottle of shampoo can make a real difference”.

Donations for Re:Fresh can be made via Westbury Town Council at The Laverton, during office hours.

For further information on the Re:Fresh Charity please contact Mel Charlton on 07881 950054 or Councillor Chris Charlton on 07740 720435