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No change as Westbury councillors are re-elected

This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 12:58 pm.

The councillors representing Westbury on Wiltshire Council will be  unchanged as all three candidates were re-elected at the election last Thursday.

There was no town council elections as not enough candidates came forward and in the Wiltshire Council elections,  once again Gordon King (Liberal Democrat) was elected to the ward of Westbury East; David Jenkins (Liberal Democrat) was elected for Westbury North and Russell Hawker (Independent) won in Westbury West.

Overall, the Conservatives have retained control of Wiltshire Council, with 68 seats; the Liberal Democrats have 20 seats, Independent councillors hold 7 seats and Labour holds 3 seats.

Cllr Gordon King said, “I am honoured to have been re-selected by the people of Westbury East to serve as their representative on Wiltshire Council for the next four years. I have a busy and positive plan for our town over that period. Thank you for your continued faith in me.

“I would like everyone to know, whether you supported my re-election or not, that I am a councillor for everyone at all times. You may contact me for advice or assistance because whatever bothers you genuinely bothers me. Once again thank you.”

Cllr David Jenkins said, “I’m delighted to have been elected once more as a Unitary Councillor for Westbury North and I’d like to say a big thank you to all who voted for me and those people who helped me with the election campaign. There is much work to be done in the area. Westbury needs to be developed by attracting new businesses including retail, along with improved infrastructure over the next few years. I will work hard to try to achieve these objectives.”

Cllr Russell Hawker said, “I am delighted to retain my seat as the Wiltshire Councillor for Westbury West despite the full on campaigns that were run by two major parties against me. One was for a very worthy local LibDem candidate. The other was for a rather audacious and locally-unknown Conservative from near Devizes with no known track record of handling local issues.

“Westbury Conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for not finding a decent local candidate. I am in no doubt that the current Conservative surge as a result of the combination of a current snap General Election and BREXIT fever together will disappear by the time the next ordinary Wiltshire Council elections come around again in four years.

“I look forward to continuing the work I am doing at both the town council and Wiltshire Council for the benefit of Westbury West and the town as whole.”

The town council has been formed without an election as Westbury did not have enough candidates to fill the 15-person town council.

All three wards were uncontested so the eight people who stood for election have been automatically appointed. Ian Cunningham (Independent), Mike Kettlety (Labour) and Gordon King (Liberal Democrat) will represent the Westbury East Ward, Francis Morland (Independent) and Mike Sutton (Labour) will represent the Westbury North Ward and Russell Hawker (Independent), Jane Russ (Labour) and David Tout (Independent) will represent the Westbury West Ward.

Some or all of the seven empty seats are expected to be filled by co-option, meaning the council will pick who joins.

Wiltshire Council elections results 

• Westbury North, David Jenkins (Elected) 596 votes, David Lancashire (Conservative) 299 votes and Mike Sutton (Labour) 134 votes.

• Westbury East Ward, Gordon King (elected) 661 votes, Rupert Lescott (Conservative) 607 votes and Mike Kettlety (Labour) 137 votes.

• Westbury West Ward, Russell Hawker  (elected) 352 votes, Nick Stovold (Conservative) 301 votes, Carole King (Liberal Democrat) 260 votes, Jane Russ (Labour) 111 votes and Margaret Cavanna (Green Party) 29 votes.