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Restaurant owner calls for better security after burglary

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 at 12:25 pm.

The restaurant was burgled on 5th March

AWESTBURYbusinessman was ‘shocked’ when his High Street restaurant was burgled this month.

Muhammed Sufian, owner of the Cinnamon Lounge Indian restaurant in the town centre, had thousands of pounds stolen during an overnight break-in on 5th March.

He said, “It’s very shocking and we never expected this to happen here. We’ve been in Westbury for six years and this is the first time the restaurant has been broken into.

“We have always contributed to the community and raised money for charity; it’s a big shame that someone would do this to a small local business.

“It’s going to take a month or more to balance the books. I’m having to pay to increase the security here now, too; it’s a lot of money to lose in one go.”

Muhammed says the robbery has shaken his faith in police and councils, and that he thinks more needs to be done to make sure local people and business owners feel safe.

The incident came just weeks after a string of shop burglaries in nearby Melksham, including one at an Italian restaurant.

“This is bad for my business but it’s also bad for the town,” he added. “I haven’t seen police patrols in Westbury in the last few months and I think the authorities need to do more to make people feel safe.

“There needs to be CCTV in the High Street car park, too, because there is often anti-social behaviour there.

“I am co-operating with the police and I hope they catch whoever it was before any more businesses have to suffer.

“It does concern me. I have lived in Westbury for nine years and it has always been a quiet and peaceful place to live and run the restaurant.

“I really hope this doesn’t put people off coming to visit us. We are open as normal and people are always welcome and safe here.”