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Celebration of Europe for languages day at Junior School

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WESTBURYJunior School had a taste of continental culture last week when pupils celebrated the European Day of Languages.

Assistant headteacher Victoria Withers said, “Each year group adopted a country and discovered where it was in an atlas; found the capital city, researched facts about the country, drew the flag and worked out the neighbouring countries.

“Year 3 celebrated Italy by food tasting – the children tried mozzarella, ciabatta, salami and many more delicacies.

“Year 6 were lucky enough to eat a whole range of Polish foods as well as play some Polish games.

“In Year 5, they made guacamole from scratch and learnt about Mexico’s Day of the Dead through making masks.

“Denmark was the country that Year 4 concentrated on and they made some wonderful pastries that were enjoyed by all of the children.”

French teacher Mrs Vaughan said, “While we teach French across the whole school, it is still fantastic to see so many children trying lots of other languages and being inspired to visit different countries.”