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Monty’s special trip to see the Prime Minister at No. 10

This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 9:59 am.

MONTY, a special toy meerkat from Wardour class at Westbury Leigh CE Primary School, reported to the children about a visit he made to  see the Prime Minister.

Each week, the children have the opportunity to be the class Star Learner. Class teacher, Nicky Newbury explained that as a reward, they get to take a bag with Monty home over the weekend. They take Monty with them wherever they go and then write about their experiences in his book. This is then taken back to school and shared with the rest of the class.

Recently, Monty went on a particularly extraordinary adventure when Harry Wilson was awarded star learner.  Harry’s dad who is a policeman, drove him to London in a police car and visited someone very special – the Prime Minister!  A picture was taken of Monty standing on number 10 Downing Street’s doorstep and then he visited New Scotland Yard afterwards for a cup of tea.

The children in Wardour class were very excited to hear all about Monty’s adventures on Monday when Harry was showing everybody the photographs and explaining all the things he got up to.

Mrs Newbury explained that Monty has also been to the theatre, the beach, to the cinema and the children love to write about what has happened.

Monty is looking forward to his next adventures with star learners.