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Egg-citing times at Westbury Junior School!

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Children at Westbury Junior School were left stunned when three enormous eggs recently appeared overnight on their school playground. 

Nestled in a bed of straw, these mystery objects were surrounded by what looked like scales and a claw, leaving the children guessing as to who or what may have placed them there. Their suspicions were further raised when the local police arrived at school and cordoned off the area.

With rumours rife around the classrooms, there was a further shock when the children came to school the next day to discover one of the eggs had hatched!

These mystifying items were in fact part of a writing stimulus, kindly made by a Westbury Junior parent, to inspire the children to create a variety of texts from narratives to newspaper reports documenting the eggs’ arrival.

Class teacher Katrina Platt said, “There was an amazing buzz around the place. These eggs really captivated the childrens’ imagination and the whole school produced some fantastic pieces of writing.”

A ‘specialist disposal team’ has since removed the eggs but the memory of this unique discovery will remain.