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New book for Westbury dog behaviourist

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Will Davies and his new book

Will Davies and his new book

Westbury dog behaviourist, Will Davies, has released his second book entitled ‘Calm Calm Calm’ to help dog owners handle their dogs.

Will has over 30 years’ experience in dog behaviour and has built up a reputation as someone who can help with the most unruly of dogs.

With customers from all walks of life, he says he has the skill to ‘read’ every individual dog and offers help, advice, training, and handling tips.

Will said, “The book is fourteen chapters of strong, informative and positive information for dog owners. It can also be used as a reference book, especially if you have worked with me before and want to refer back to our session.

“My approach of ‘calm, calm, calm’ puts the dog at ease, enabling me to get to the root of the problem.

“Having found the right receptive and tractable frame of mind, I set about building a rapport with the dog and owner in order for the owner to control him or her, consequently enabling them to enjoy the dog to the full.”

Will teaches how to deal with dangerous dogs, problem prevention and solving, basic obedience, early puppy training, household rules, walking on and off the lead, and command training.

The book ‘calm calm calm’ is £7.50 and available by emailing davieswill25@yahoo.co.uk. More information about Will can be found at www.yell.com.