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New police point opens at Erlestoke Prison

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A new police point has been opened in the grounds of Erlestoke Prison. 

The project has been commissioned in a bid to reduce the number of illegal substances entering the prison and to provide further community reassurance. The police point will operate from a mobile hub outside the perimeter fence of the prison and will be a base for officers patrolling the area.

In recent years the prison has worked hard to reduce the amount of drugs entering the establishment and this initiative will enhance this drive to ensure HMP Erlestoke is a safe community for offenders and staff.

The police point has been established with the support of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Council and Erlestoke Parish Council.

Head of Drug Strategy and Healthcare Provision at HMP Erlestoke Gary Reed said, “This initiative shows that we are not only determined to stamp out the issue of drugs in the prison but that we will work with our partners to do so.

“The police point will be a great addition to the prison as it will act as a deterrent to those intent on breaking the law but will also offer some community reassurance to the local population.

“We already have a robust drugs policy in place at the prison and this hub will further reinforce this.”

The police point was officially opened on Monday 9th September.

Wiltshire Police Inspector for Devizes Matt Armstrong said, “This is a great initiative as it enables police officers to work remotely from their main station whilst out on patrol in support of the community and HMP Erlestoke.

“The prison is already routinely patrolled but this hub will provide an added facility to the local officers. It will also provide an onsite provision should officers need to interview anyone visiting the prison that they suspect of committing an offence.

“This is a great example of positive partnership working in Wiltshire.”

Councillor Keith Humphries, cabinet member for public protection at Wiltshire Council said, “We welcome this initiative and believe this is a good example of partnership working for the benefit of our communities.”