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Wiltshire councillors should say ‘no’ to ‘pay rise’

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 at 10:40 am.

WILTSHIRE Councillors could receive an increase in their allowances, despite staff cuts across the county. 

But Wiltshire councillor, Terry Chivers, is urging his fellow councillors to reject a suggested ‘pay rise.’

The request comes following an independent remuneration panel announcing that they are looking into the amount councillors receive, plus the special responsibility allowance paid to the council’s cabinet, chairs of committees and group leaders.

Part of the review includes asking councillors about the current allowance rate they receive and if they should get more.

This has caused Melksham Without North independent councillor Terry Chivers to plead that no more allowance is paid to councillors. He said, “I was totally amazed to be handed a questionnaire regarding an increase in members’ allowances.

“This isn’t the time to be looking at a pay rise for Wiltshire councillors. We have lost hundreds of staff, we are cutting services to our residents and so many people in the county are struggling to make ends meet.

“It would also be a bigger kick in the teeth for the hundreds of staff once employed by the council who have lost their jobs and to those who have lost the services that the council has been forced to cut by central government.

“I would hope that my fellow members join me when we come to vote on this with a big thumbs down to any increase.”

The findings of the independent remuneration panel will go before full council in November.