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Dog attacks in the Westbury area

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POLICEare appealing for owners to keep their dogs under control, after several  incidents in Westbury and Warminster. 

One incident in Saxon Close last month saw a person bitten on the ankle by a Jack Russell, causing bleeding and grazing.

Other recent incidents have taken place nearby in  Warminster. A postman was attacked and bitten while delivering mail, and a farmer has reported dogs worrying his sheep. In another incident, a visitor to a house was injured when the dog ran out of the property as the door was opened, jumping up and biting the visitor.

Inspector Alan Webb says, “Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 allows the police to instigate a prosecution of owners of dogs that are out of control. This can lead to a range of conditions imposed by the court.  They can include;

Order the dog destroyed.

Keep the dog on a standard (non extending) type lead when in public.

Keep a muzzle on the dog at all times when in public.

Not allow a person under 16 years of age to be in control of the dog when in public.

To have the dog neutered (if male)

Install proper fencing at the home address to stop the dog getting off of the property or have the dog on a suitable ‘tie out’ chain.

Install a post delivery box on the property so that  delivery persons don’t have to get in contact with the dog.

Erect suitable dog warning signs at the property.

“No one wants to see a dog destroyed and so it is vitally important that owners keep their dogs under proper control.  So when you read the list above think,  do I need to consider these restrictions for my own dog? he said.

“In all of these incidents, just think how much more serious they could have been if the victim had been a child.”